Sock Bun Tutorial

Before I ever found out about the miraculous sock bun, I would, on occasion, be tempted to style my hair in a traditional ballerina bun.  You know, the bun where you take your ponytail, twist it, wrap it in a circle, and pin it. Well, mine never came out well.  There would be stray hairs sticking out of it, and I could never get my bobby pins to keep my hair in place.  So, because of the misfortune of my persistent attempts, I never thought I could actually wear a bun like that out and about.  But then I found the sock bun, and my troubles easily retreated!!! Now perfectly messy ballerina buns are easily achieved all with the help of a pair of socks!  

Take a look at how to assemble your socks and wrap it in your hair. Give it a few tries and experiment with it! Have fun!

P.S.  Keep your bun in overnight, and treat your hair well with a no-heat method to get light curls.

What You'll Need

  • A pair of socks (preferably socks that are similar to your hair color)
  • One hair elastic
  • Scissors 
Making Your Sock Doughnut
1.  Cut the toes off of both of your socks.

2.  Take one sock and begin rolling it into itself to create a doughnut (you can stop at one sock, but I like to use two in order to create a thicker and sturdier bun).

3.  Then take the rolled sock, place it in the end of the other sock, and begin rolling it into itself again until you have a thicker doughnut.

4.  Voila! You've created your sock doughnut... now to do your hair!

Making Your Sock Bun
1.  Put your hair up in a ponytail at the crown of your head.  Use a brush to  create a smooth bun, or put your hair up using your fingers to create a messy, textured bun.

2.  Pull your ponytail through the sock doughnut.

3.  Place the sock doughnut at the end of your ponytail so that you can at least tuck the ends under the doughnut. 

4.  Roll you sock doughnut, with the ends of your hair tucked under it,towards your scalp.  With every roll, continue to keep tucking the hair under the doughnut until you reach your scalp.  It may take a couple of tries to get the hang of it, so just keep trying because the results are gorgeous! 

5.  There you have it, your sock bun!  Tuck any loose or stray hairs under the sock doughnut, and, if you see the sock peeping through, just tuck  your hair accordingly.

* A special thanks to my sister for finally agreeing to being my hair model for Sock Bun Tutorial.  Bugging her lots   and a promised frozen custard paid off !!!


  1. Nicely done.

  2. So pretty!! Why would she hesitate to be your hair model, her hair is beautiful!!

  3. When my grandmother was young, these type of hair forms were all the rage, and were called "rats". Not sure where the name came from! There were all sorts of shapes and sizes and women with long hair (seems like most of them had long hair then) used them to create all kinds of fantastic hair designs. I did something similar to your design for my daughter's hair when she sent to prom, but I LOVE the use of old socks! Thanks for posting something so simple and useful.

    1. I think I've seen something like that to create 40's rolled bangs!! Very interesting, and I definitely have to look further into hair "rats!" Thanks for commenting!

  4. omg! thank you, thank you! I have long hang and like to try new hair styles. This was SOOOO easy to learn. All my socks are ankle socks so I used a leg warmer! Looks awesome. :)

  5. lol i think I did it wrong!! ill have to try it again later...

  6. awesome! and I'm cracking up on the the frozen custard part! That's really cute.

  7. Thank you, this helped me a lot! I had to try it about 6 times, but it worth it, it looks gorg.! xoxo

  8. Thank you so much! I've been doing it wrong and tucking my hair in..It seems so much easier to just roll!



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