Buzzagent Review : Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

What is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth marketing website that facilitates a community of consumers who try products and give their honest opinions about them.  When you register for a free account, you then become a BzzAgent.  As a BzzAgent you take several, very short surveys that tell the website what interests you, and after some time you will be invited to join a BzzCampaign.  Once you join a BzzCampaign, you will be sent a BzzKit filled with free products, and in return all you have to do is share your opinions of the products on the website.

Only after about a month of being a BzzAgent, I have already been invited to two BzzCampaigns!  It's a really cool website and isn't time consuming at all. Get more information here, and sign up to get free products!

In addition to offering my opinions directly on, I will be doing reviews of the products I receive, on Slices of Samantha, because they are often new products or products that haven't hit the shelves yet.  And after participating in the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil campaign, today I have, for you, my first product review!

About Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

This new, multi-use product provides everyday use for hair, body, and skin.  Use it to nourish your hair, as a body fragrance, or to combat skin dryness. Garnier Fructis says that the combination of olive oil, avocado oil, and shea oil work to transform dryness, all while this dry oil absorbs instantaneously and leaves no oily residue.

What I Experienced

My hair goes from sleek to tangled on a daily basis, so when I first received the product, I thought this might just be the product that gives me sleek hair for the entire day.  Unfortunately, I had mostly bad experiences with this product.

I first tried to use this product on my day-old hair...trying to revamp it.  When I sprayed my hair with the miracle dry oil and then straightened my hair, my hair absorbed way too much oil and turned my hair very greasy and stringy. Maybe it's because I have thin hair or maybe I sprayed too much, but, when used on dry hair, all of my attempts ended in overly oily hair. On the other hand, the product worked decently on damp hair. When I used the product on damp hair and then blow dried it, it actually did keep my hair soft and sleek all day long.

As for using the miracle dry oil as a body mist and for skin nourishment, I didn't care for the product at all. The smell of the product was not strong enough or good smelling enough to use it as a fragrance. And when I used the oil on my dry skin, I found that it didn't provide the long-lasting moisture I need.

Overall, I would probably not buy this product on my own.  But, thank you BzzAgent and Garnier Fructis for the free product.  Even though I didn't like the product, I loved being able to try out (especially since it was free)!  If you would like to try Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil or if you like other Garnier Fructis Products, use the link below to access a manufacturer's coupon for $1.25 off any one, full-size Garnier Fructis product.


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